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  TY230 3+1
According to IEC61643-11 Type 3
System Voltage   (50/60HZ)                   Un 230/400V AC
Max. continous operation AC voltage           Uc 385/440V AC
Norminal discharge current8/20μs         In 5kA
Maximum continuous rated current        I(L) 16kA
Voltage protection level  (L-N)                      Up 1.5kV,1.6kV
open circuit voltage         Uoc 6/10kV
Maximum backup fuse 16A gL
Response time   (L-N)                                   tA 25ns
Environment temperature                             Tu -40~80
Status indicator Green / red
Mounting 36mm Standard Guide
Cross section of wire (Min.) 4mm2
Cross section of wire (Max.) 35mm2
Casing material Thermoplastic UL94-V0
Degree of protection IP20
Remote Signalling Optional
Dimension (LxWxH) 90x70x54mm


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