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     Type 1+2 surge arrester is installed between :LPZ0 to LPZ2
  TY-25GR TY-50GR
According to IEC61643-11 Type 1+2 Type 1+2
System Voltage                                              Un 230/400V 230/400V
Max. continous operation AC voltage             Uc 275V 275V
Lightinging impulse current10/350μs       Iimp 25kA 50kA
Maximum discharge current8/20μs         Imax 160kA 250kA
Lightinging impulse current10/350μs       Itotal 100kA 200kA
Voltage protection level                                  Up 2.0kV 2.5kV
Maximum backup fuse 315A gL 400A gL
Response time                                               tA 100ns 100ns
Environment temperature                              Tu 40~80 40~80
Mounting 35mm Din Rail 35mm Din Rail
Cross section of wire (Min.) 4mm2 4mm2
Cross section of wire (Max.) 35mm2 35mm2
Casing material Thermal plastic UL94V0 Thermal plastic UL94V0
Degree of Protection  IP20 IP20

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